Tulare County Museum

Current Exhibits

The Tulare County Museum features many rotating and permanent exhibits. The original museum building features an extensive collection of Yokuts baskets, artifacts of the pioneer era, agriculture equipment, and many other treasures that tell the history of Tulare County.


The Pioneer Village area of the Museum contains restored school houses, homes built in the 19th century, Visalia's first jail, a caboose, and much more! Visitors are encouraged to explore these structures inside and out.

Surprise School

Emken House

Cramer House and the Lamotte School


The newest addition to the museum is the History of Farm Labor and Agriculture Museum, where each cultural group and their contributions to farm labor and agriculture will be featured.  Located inside is also a state of the art theater that is used for video presentations that feature the films created by the Tulare County Office of Education.

Upstairs in the Farm Labor & Agriculture Museum

The previous exhibit in the History of Farm Labor and Agriculture Museum was Creating A Fruitful Legacy: Honoring Korean Experiences in Tulare County.  This Display showcased the history of local Korean families, their journeys to California, and their influence on agriculture in Tulare County.  We are now in the process of installing our newest exhibit Exploring America’s Frontier: Westward Settler Experiences in Tulare County. This exhibit will showcase items from all historical museums in Tulare County and local families that tell the stories of the pioneers who came to Tulare county between 1850 and 1900. Many of the family names you may still recognize as prominent in our community!